Genabler designs and builds new DNA assemblies for synthetic biology applications

Genabler provides synthetic biology solutions to corporate partners in the Pharmaceutical, AgBio and Chemical Industries. Our solutions help accelerate new product development and cut costs. Genabler solutions are based on a proprietary technology for DNA assembly - the key step in making new biologies for innovations in biopharmaceuticals, agricultural biotechnology, energy, industrial biotechnology and consumer products.

These innovations enable future products that increase sustainability, improve production economics and can enhance product characteristics.

We work with partners to achieve their goals under straightforward terms adding value to the relationship.


Genabler at SB6.0

  • 13 July 2013 12:54

Please take a look at our poster abstract and our Poster (.pdf)

One of the major bottlenecks in the field of synthetic biology is the assembly of DNA 'parts' into larger pathways or genomes.

To address this, the Genabler proprietary technology was developed with funding from Scottish Enterprise to enable the next generation of genome engineering by designing and generating combinatorial DNA assemblies on a high throughput scale...

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